Room Hire

Did you know we have several rooms, large and small, available for hire at reasonable rates?
These include a computer lab, function spaces, kitchen facilities and classrooms. Our spaces are suitable for meetings, conferences and events, classes, community activities and social gatherings!
What about a birthday party in an old Courtroom? The possibilities are endless!
If you want to see our rooms, call us to make a time to pop in or request a booking below.

  • All Prices are inclusive of GST

  • Not For Profit Rate Eligibility Subject to Discussion

  • Half-day is up to 4 hours.

  • Half-day booking is 4 hours any time of day or night.

  • Bookings that cross over the 4 hours may incur higher rates.

The Clerk's Room

This original Clerk’s room is a small, well lit quiet room, with a large meeting table and smartboard. Suitable for a small meeting, workshop or group.

  • Video Conferencing

  • Smartboard

  • Whiteboard

  • Conference table

Per Hour $27 / $22* (NFP)

Full-Day $164 / $80* (NFP)

Half-Day $82 / $41* (NFP)

Seating capacity = 10

Computer Lab

The computer lab is lined with Computers that have a variety of programs including Microsoft Word, Publisher & Photoshop.

Perfect for meetings & classes.

  • Computer access & Whiteboard

Per Hour $27 / $22* (NFP)

Full-Day $164 / $80* (NFP)

Half-Day $82 / $41* (NFP)

Seating capacity = 10

The Paddock Room

The Paddock room is a purpose-built, large carpeted room, surrounded by gardens and fitted with a projector, kitchenette & A/C.

  • Video Conferencing

  • Smartboard & Whiteboard

  • Kitchenette (small fridge, microwave, urn, Tea/Coffee)

  • Air-Conditioning

Per Hour $33 / $30* (NFP)

Full-Day  $245 / $120* (NFP)

Half-Day $124 / $60* (NFP)

Seating capacity = 60

Multi-Purpose Kitchen

A spacious, fully functioning kitchen.

Perfect for larger groups.

  • Glassware & Crockery

  • Gas Stove/Oven

  • Microwave

  • Tea/Coffee

Per Hour $27 / $22 (NFP)

Full-Day $164 / $80* (NFP)

Half-Day $82 / $41* (NFP)

Seating Capacity = 12

Small Kitchen

A free for use community space, centrally located sunny kitchenette with balcony.


Ideal for informal gatherings and activities.

  • Kitchenette

  • Microwave

  • Tea/Coffee

Venue Hire - The ARC

DNC Manages The ARC on behalf of the community.

The ARC consists of:

  • Court/Stadium 1 & 2 (double basketball courts with spectators stand)

  • Court 3 (single basketball court)

  • Foyer/ Kiosk (heated area, pool table, AV system, café style seating & kiosk)

  • Multi-Purpose Room / Canteen

  • Squash courts (two full-sized squash courts)


All can be hired individually.

Available outside of school hours and on weekends. The ARC makes for an incredible Children’s / Adults birthday party venue, or a space for a large capacity function for 300 or more and anything in-between.